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We guarantee to all ROVA SYSTEMS Clients that measured energy production of the facility we operate will meet or exceed minimal of expected level (“Guaranteed kWh”).


Our mission is to optimize the long term performance performance and reliability of your PV Plant.

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Knowledge and experience
ROVA SYSTEMS has the experience, expertise and capabilities to manage up to 700 MWp of PV Plants with complexity of service.

ROVA SYSTEMS has the experience, expertise and capabilities to manage up to 700 MWp of PV Plants with complexity of service including but not limited to repairs, replacement of parts and structural components and other activities needed to maintain PV Plant so that it continues to provide guaranteed energy generation and achieves its expected lifetime.
O&M is carried out by specialized technicians, skilled and experienced by our EPC in-house capabilities which brings quality and value to the O&M service and gives us a considerable competitive advantage.
With our highly flexible and customized O&M service solutions from training or advisory to full power plant O&M, ROVA SYSTEMS is partnering to achieve your desired business objectives and guarantee that your solar plant will operate at its optimum capacity.

We understand the owner’s perspective
and treat your assets as our own.

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